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The gorgeous boys of Free! Eternal Summer
Official Art from Character CDs
"That... that has nothing to do with anything!"

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Free! Eternal Summer character song vol.3, 4, and 5 covers.

Vol.3 Matsuoka Rin tracklist:

  • 01. Over the Dream
  • 02. Gratefully
  • 03. Over the Dream (OFF VOCAL)
  • 04. Gratefully (OFF VOCAL)

Vol.4 Hazuki Nagisa tracklist:

  • 01. ボクカクメイ
  • 02. プリズムSHOWTIME☆
  • 03. ボクカクメイ (OFF VOCAL)
  • 04. プリズムSHOWTIME☆ (OFF VOCAL)

Vol.5 Ryugazaki Rei tracklist:

  • 01. Coming Soooon!!
  • 02. Beautiful Impressions
  • 03. Coming Soooon!! (OFF VOCAL)
  • 04. Beautiful Impressions (OFF VOCAL)

Release Date: 3 September 2014


trioditis sent: I've just read the newest chapter of Michiru Heya online on mangafox. I noticed something weird on the credits page. There's "horrible scanlations" instead of "september scanlations" and something like "fencer is a bitch". First i thought that you did it on purpose but I also downloaded this chapter from your site and credits page looks the same as always. I think you should know about it. (sorry for my english, i'm not native)



I’m…not sure where they were going with this.

This “stupid hoe” and “homophobe” (?????) stood in line for a fucking hour in sweltering heat, paid for this out of her own pocket, and translated and typeset this thing for everyone to enjoy…for free

And people think this is somehow okay?

Being in Japan, I can’t fix this kind of thing because mangafox is blocked here (and I think in the US too), so if anyone can replace this ridiculous demonstration of childishness, I’d appreciate it. This is just…beyond reprehensible. I’d rather they removed the credits page altogether.

I can’t even take that seriously, to be honest. This is so kindergarten.






"S-sorry, did I wake you?"

Happy 3/5 everyone, have some fluffy shinkawo ( ´ ▽ ` )


night swimming is good for your health


night swimming is good for your health


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[4:36:08 PM] アテム: when u draw a nice pair of eyes but cant draw anything else


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